Oom Manie

2013-01-30 08:32:20
Date: 2011
Size: 51cm x 13cm x 12cm
Edition: 20
Price: R 3 000 (excl delivery)

"Oom Manie" (uncle Manie) is a sculpture based on an old man who was stoking the fire at an art festival. The coals for the fire was being used by the ladies of the church to bake bread and barbecue boere wors. It was a cold drizzling morning in Oudshoorn and I stood next to the fire and Oom Manie, watching the hive of activity as people baked and barbecued. Every now and then the call would go out and Oom manie had to take more coals to the bakers. We never spoke a word. After half an hour he gave me permission to photograph him after which I left.

Oom Manie is the result of a sculpture course I took with Marieke Prinsloo.