2013-01-30 08:34:55
Date: 2011
Size: 57cm x 44cm x 20cm
Edition: 1
Price: R 5 000 (excl delivery)
This sculpture represents the art of poetry and in particular the poetry of the exile. The inspiration was taken from the poem by Breyten Breytenbagh in which he states that they should hang the white sails out for tomorrow as we are going home, it will be a rough trip, but we'll get there. At the end there is unfortunately nowhere to go and we stand powerless.

The emotion is that of powerless longing.  It is based on a young Breyten Breytenbagh.  The idea being that he is a strong young man and yet completely powerless to do anything about the situation.
Series - Heads of Art
Heads of art is a collection o...