Enkosi (thank you) Books

2012-02-13 22:29:57
Date: 2009
Size: 9cm x 3cm x 7cm

Enkosi (thank you) books was 7 quote rings. The project was build as a representation of the Quote ring that was being exhibited in Lituania. It was made for the joint exhibition of the “Cape Friends of Calligraphy” society.

After the success of giving Gertruida away as a thank you gift, I felt the need to thank other people for their contribution to me or to art that I enjoyed.

Three of the rings was given away as presents and four was to be sold. The three people who received the gifts were:

Hennie Meyer who suggested I stop taking courses in art, buy my own kiln and start making my own art.

Maud Bekaert for her work on the WOR(L)D project, without which I would not have teamed up with Heleen de Haas.

Louis Esterhuisen (a writer and poet of Stellenbosch that manages a book shop) for his contribution to Afrikaans. Every Saturday morning there is a book talk at his shop where Afrikaans writers introduce their books. He is also the organizer of the "Vers Indaba" an Afrikaans poetry festival in Stellenbosch.

The quotes on the books are:

Hennie Meyer: "Bybel: Kan die klei vir die Pottebakker vra : “Wat maak jy?”"

Maud Bekaert: "Maud Bekaert: Wort wat je bent - Dat je toekoms de mooiste weg mag vinden"

Louis Esterhuisen: "Papiervoël: so loop ek soos deur 'n gedig die emosie oop en die beelde na"

The quotes on the other four books are:

"Bybel: In die begin was die Woord by God en die Woord was self God"

"Heleen de Haas: Merk simbool klanksimbool letter alfabet klei boekrol boek skryfwerk drukwerk tikwerk skermletters internet"

"Cicero: A room without books is like a body without a soul."

"Idries Shah: When you realize the difference between the container and the content, you will have knowledge."

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