2012-02-13 21:59:27
Date: 2009
Size: 5cm dia x 2cm

Gertruida was a "thank you" gift for the writer Annelie Botes. My wife and family enjoy her books.  At the launch of her book, "thula thula", she described how the main character (Gertruida) used to escape into her mind while her father molested her, by making words from the letters of her name.

At the time I was working on Alphabet B and the concept of playing with a limited number of letters instead of the unlimited number of Alphabet B was an interesting spin on the idea. With the set of letters I made a stand on which all the letters could fit, thereby making for an easier shuffling and sorting, similar to the stand in Scrabble.

When the project was done I decided to hand it over to Annelie Botes as a thank you for all the joy we have from her work.

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